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Home For the Holidays

Courtesy of Lutron

Make your home warm and inviting this holiday season with a few easy, personal touches that can inspire a cheery mood and make guests feel comfortable and merry. Examine all aspects of illuminating the room where guests will be spending time. Carefully placed lights, candles and festive décor can guide guests to gathering spots throughout your home. Here are some additional tips for making your guests feel at home:

  • Dim recessed lighting, and adjust accent and cove lighting to create highlights and drama.
  • Focus attention on a tree and other holiday decorations with portable spotlights, which can usually accommodate a table top dimmer.
  • Create pretty silhouettes by placing a spotlight beneath a Christmas tree so that it shines up through the branches.
  • Switch out a few lampshades. Replacing a neutral lampshade with one that is red or gold will soften the light and create a holiday atmosphere.
  • Fill a corner with a basket of children’s holiday books.
  • Create an elegant ambiance in the powder room by adding some simple touches, such as a portable lamp with a colored shade, bright flower arrangement, holiday towels or scented candles.

Take an overall look at your home, and visualize it as a guest. Notice what stands out and what areas need additional attention. Your guests will surely appreciate the extra effort. 

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December Accessory Sale

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And the Winner Is…

Gloria Wins $500 Shopping SpreeGloria C. is the lucky winner of our $500 Southern Lighting Gallery Shopping Spree. When she stopped by to pick up her gift card she said “I am so happy! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve got an old house, but I can make it look better.”

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Thank You

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Energy Saving Tip: Utilize Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are an excellent option for saving energy. It is not necessary to invest in a comprehensive control system where the entire house is rewired. There are simple and less-expensive methods for controlling light to save energy, such as motion sensors, timers, photocells that operate according to perceived light levels, and dimmers. When an incandescent is dimmed, the same approximate percentage of dimming is converted to energy savings.

Pictured: Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor Dimmer. Learn More

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Energy Saving Tip: Install Ceiling Fans

Install ceiling fans in frequently occupied rooms. Using a fraction of the electricity used by an air conditioner, a ceiling fan can make a room feel noticeably cooler. The thermostat can be raised by six degrees – say to 78 degrees — and when a ceiling fan is in use, the room will feel as if it is only 72 degrees.

Fan shown: Panama by Casablanca

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Energy Saving Tip: Replace Bulbs with CFLs

Switch out incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent versions. A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) provides the same amount of light as an incandescent by using only one-quarter of the electricity. For example, a 26-watt CFL provides the same amount of light as a 100-watt incandescent.

To see the wattage comparisons for different types of light bulbs, click here.

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Free Illuminated Tiffany Butterfly

The contest ended November 30, 2011

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Make Your Living Room More Livable

A beautifully lit space makes living and entertaining much more enjoyable. To create a well-lit space, light must be layered. This technique allows you to illuminate each feature separately to control the aesthetic focus.

Layering does more than just provide optimal lighting for reading and conversing. Lighting can draw the eye to the detail in trim work, emphasize cabinet grains or even draw attention to the texture of flooring.

To make your living room a place for truly living, follow a few simple steps:

  • Replace a large chandelier with two smaller ones, each on its own dimmer. Especially in larger spaces, multiple small chandeliers can help break up large ceiling expanses.
  • Rotate shade colors on sconces and chandeliers by the season. It’s a great way to freshen up a space without spending a lot.
  • Add low-voltage lights as accents and spotlights. Repositionable fixtures offer flexibility and control in directing light individually toward chairs and artwork.
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